Sharing my blossoming experiences

My Writings

Tribute in memory; tribute in honour
A homage to one great woman of the current generation.

Is the real Mahishasura defeated?
Navaratri is a festival of celebrating good over evil but more importantly it is the festival of celebrating the greatness of womanhood.

Time to slowdown and breathe!!!!
We like in a fast paced world where we try to oversee a lot of small wonderful things. A small write up on those small little things that I observed on a busy morning.

To all my dear lovely angels!!!
Raksha Bandhan is a very special occasion. A special message from a brother to all my lovely sisters.

Internet trollology – Are we close to reaching the tipping point???
My perspective on internet trolls and how it is trying to change our life.

Is queuing a civic necessity rather than a mathematical concept?
A simple writing on one of the things that we come across daily – maintaining queues. I have shared some of my experiences in this article and also about what I feel regarding the same.

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