About Me

I am a software engineer by profession. I like to learn new technologies and keep updated with the latest trends of technology. Programming has always been my passion and like to participate in coding contests and hackathons where there is a lot of scope of learning new things.

I like to speak to my juniors about my experiences. I am a strong believer that we have to learn from mistakes and it should not be only our mistakes but also with others mistakes. I like to share my experiences with others so that they would be benefiting from my mistakes.

I like to talk a lot about the general happenings in the world and about the present way of living. I like to actively participate in social initiatives. I would like to keep my surroundings happy and I would do my best to keep that always happening.

I am strong believer that we should keep trying until we reach our goals and failures should never stop us from trying again. Once we reach our success we should never sit back and rest, as it is only temporary success that we have tasted and we have miles and miles to go before we rest.


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