Is queuing a civic necessity rather than a mathematical concept?

When I was doing my higher secondary school there came an interesting portion of Maths called queuing theory. This ultimately came through at the end of the syllabus and since the higher secondary examinations are very fast approaching there was never a big go at this topic. But you may wonder what I am trying to say with queuing theory here….I am not going to talk anything mathematical here, but I would like to talk about a few things as why “QUEUES” are really important in our life.

Why should there be a queuing system in all the activities we do? Does it avoid confusion or it is just a waste of time? Let me start by sharing a couple of experiences which made me wonder whether we are showing the right example for the outside world regarding India.

An incident in a place where there is a lot of crowd coming each day, a temple in South India – Tirupati. When we hear about this place, we all remember the huge crowd that comes to this place. I am not going to tell anything about the queue that is followed there. But an incident that happened there. A family had come there for the first tonsuring of their kid (This is a very special occasion in India in the lifetime of a person). The family is waiting outside and a person comes near the queue which is waiting in the tonsuring center. He sees a lot of people waiting in the queue. I couldn’t imagine the things he did next. He jumped over the steel pipes that help to maintain the line and tries to go to the front. I am not sure what would have been his thought process at that moment. I am not sure how he could have expected people to stay quiet on this action. There was literally a fight going on. A happy moment turned to a very sad memory for the family especially. Others who were involved in the quarrel might not remember this but the family will always remember this when they see their kids photos which was taken at that day.

Another one…

It was one of the most visited places in India – Hampi. People come here to be held in wonder about the ancient city and to admire the civilization of the country. If you are an Indian visiting those places, that would make you so proud. If you are a tourist you would wonder about how this country had prospered in those days. But there was an incident which I keep remembering which definitely doesn’t make me proud. There was a queue for a pickup van. It was really a hot day and it was seen in everyone’s face. But everyone were eager to go to that place to see the wonderful buildings. Then there came a well dressed man, who had his family with him. On seeing the pickup van, he started moving forward with his family avoiding the queue. People were shouting and yelling. But it didn’t bother him much. I really wonder if it was a happy moment there after for his family? I don’t think so. Why is it that we are so self centered at this moment. Definitely this is not a life losing issue where only the first person to board the van would survive and others would lose their lives. It is just a few minutes of patience. Everyone would just be enjoying their work and everyone would have a lot of remembrance of their trip.

I am just quoting these incidents – not just these don’t happen elsewhere. But the people involved in these activities were all educated and the present generation. We always say our country is growing in education and hence we would be developed soon. But these traits don’t seem to give me any impression that our education is teaching life skills and is teaching people to respect fellow humans.

A lot of time we would be in a real hurry to do things that we would forget that there are people also waiting to do so. We all want to fill in our bikes first in a petrol station but don’t worry about the person who is already waiting. Why is that we like to cross the yellow line and move forward in a waiting traffic? Why is that we never think it will hinder others? Why is it so that we are experiencing this daily? Is it really became one with our life style. I am just not complaining. We teach our children to go in queues and respect others. But why is that we fail to set an example. For the budding kids, father is the real hero and I just want us to set a good example to our kids.

Everyday we travel around a busy city in our own vehicles. What do we do when we encounter a signal. I am sure we would stop in the red signal. But let me talk about the last moments of the signal. When it is just 5 seconds to go for green. Always there will be honk from behind asking the front person to move. So if we could conclude that the last 5 seconds is very negligible and we could move forward, what would be the thought of the person who is in the other extreme, 5 seconds to go to change to red. Will he take this time as negligible and stop in his line. No. That too doesn’t happen. When we are in traffic, we expect our end signal timing to extend by 5 seconds on both sides. Peak hours and it is chaos around in the signal. What would happen if we stop right in the time and wait till the last second to start? Will we avoid confusion and chaos. I don’t know but it is just a small thought which I would really like to see happening.

Finally, it is all about one person’s perspective towards something which we see daily and experience daily, about which we don’t really think about after that experience, which we don’t really remember it the next time we encounter the same. But I felt it is worth to think around on the same terms and express my feeling towards it. I am not sure if I have conveyed the message to everyone clearly. Being my first blog, I wanted to voice out something that would really make some people think. I would like to hear from you regarding the same and see if we could change something in us that would give a smile on people around us.

It should be worth mentioning about my inspiration who made me write my first post – Raj Nandhini (Raji). Although you are my inspiration, I would be your toughest competitor sissy. Thanks for your inspiration and also for patiently correcting my poor english 🙂 🙂


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  1. Quite true!! Not every1 worries about d consequences of a simple queue… its impact has been clearly bought out by u….Hope u write more!!

    Liked by 1 person

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