Internet trollology – Are we close to reaching the tipping point???

In the past few months or so, whenever I visit either one of my social networking site or some exclusive website for certain type of information, like cricinfo, one thing that always comes up is trolls. At a certain point, it was very disappointing to see the only thing that came on my Facebook news feed was trolls and there was no other information or shares. When some of the trolls were very funny, some were not. It made me think about the so called trolls and why people are so getting used to it.

There is a lot of difference between being a troll and being a critic. A critic is one who assesses different works and gives his assessment on the subject. The opinion of a critic would make the creator of the subject to improve on his future works. A critic is more of a professional – one who specializes in evaluation of a particular subject. But what exactly is trolling. Troll is a person who would put up an argument in an online community to provoke the readers into more emotional responses. The arguments would most often be those that would upset a section of the readers.

In the present day, internet is accessible to most of the people and if you check the things that are trolled – almost everyone who are famous are trolled. There is no discrimination between what we are trolling and whom we are trolling. If we look at it, we would not end up trolling a friend in front of him. The reason being we know how it feels for that person. We would have that empathy for the state he is in. But why is that empathy not present when we enjoy trolls. Is it because trolls are more text and images that doesn’t show us back the emotions?

Some of the psychology papers term that trolling is really bad. They speak more about the personality of the trolls themselves. Why are trolls bad? In a way by trolling, we increase the lack of being empathetic, developing more sadism and narcissism. We create trolls for people who we might not like, whose activities we might not like. Is it just that the internet is so readily available to us, we end up publicizing our feelings in a way that we feel is right not worried about others emotions on the same subject?

If one argues that the trolls have a lot of fun when we criticize others, there is another face to it. It has certainly deprived us of the enjoyment and the fun in seeing things. We are the same community who went on to support Sachin when he was going through a bad patch. We are the same people who accepted his decision to get down as a captain. We supported the legend. We liked the way he was. Can I say that it is because we were not used to trolling those days, Sachin is still respected as a legend and everyone has liking to him. Can I think that if ABD goes through a lean patch say for a couple of seasons, will we end up trolling him as well? A little to think about when we enjoy trolling others. Since I am from a place where cricket has taken center stage, let me just cite another example. The recently concluded IPL finals – the internet took a different way of celebrating their favorite team’s victory – by trolling the team that lost.

Although we are not in a day where trolls are affecting us directly. But if trolling becomes a habit – how would the society be? It would end up us facing insults in our playgrounds during our games. We would end up being insensitive to the emotions of our close ones. The future of trolls gives a very scary picture. As more and more people enter trolling, I am afraid that we might end up setting up troll pages inside our office networks, inside our college networks. We would start creating trolls on people who might be away from the general group. We would have trolls for people who would not have faced success but who are trying with all their might to achieve success. I think it is high time that we have a second thought before trolling someone. Just because we don’t get to face a person directly doesn’t mean we can play with their emotions.

We are in middle of a very beautiful painting called life and it very important for us to paint it more colorfully that having stains in it. A thought to think about…..

Highly appreciate your feedback to make my writing better 🙂


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  1. Agree with most of your points. But humans are evolving and are taking up menial sources of entertainment these days. There used to be a time when Children played cricket or football but all you see now is they play Cricket or football Either in a mobile app or xbox. So afterall the only source of entertainment left for humans is trolling each and everyone wether they like him/her or not. Sad reality!.

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