To all my dear lovely angels!!!

Sacred threads – A lot of sacred threads comes into the life of an Hindu (this is not going to be anything religious 🙂 ) and the thread which I am going to talk about has grown beyond the religion and in the present world it is part of a special multicultural event. This is that time of the year where we look at all the wonderful moments of those special angels who paint our lives into wonderful paintings.

Yes…Raksha bandhan week it is…..A time to enjoy that special bond between those special people whose frustrations are more enjoyments, people who give us those pleasant tortures, people to whom we can’t deny anything. We fight like the worst enemies but we are the world’s best friends. On this special occasion, I thought I should greet my dear sister with something special to savor.

My dear sister, the journey which you are taking is a very unique and special one. A journey that will expose you to a lot of situations, a lot of experiences, a journey that will make you meet a lot of different circumstances. For us as brothers, the journey you take is very important. We have to protect you through all the hardships, enjoy all your happiness and here are a few things for you to remember on your wonderful journey.

One of the thing that keeps everyone driving to get better is the passion towards something. Being passionate will make you go stronger towards your goals in life. Dreaming big is for everyone and you are no exception just because you are a girl. Girls are very patient in making their decisions and they spend a lot of time to think about the consequences. But many times, the society influences that decision and does not allow them to follow their dream. The important thing I want you to remember is to think twice when you face such a dilemma. Dreams are to be sought after and not to be sacrificed.

Calmness, peace, composure are all attributed to girls. But there is another quality that I want you to feel good about – Courage. Being strong and courageous is very important throughout this journey. There will be a lot of adverse situations you will face, but challenging those situations to show that you are on top and showing that nothing can break you will make you stride towards success faster and stronger. It is very important for you to make this journey meaningful and make a name for yourself. It will be a very proud moment to everyone around you when we know that you have defined your own heights during this journey.

Success of a girl means a lot to the world. Girls’ being successful means that the society is successful. You are not just the present, you are the future and you define the future. If we human race have to lead a prosperous life, it duly rests on how successful girls like you become. Being successful is the ultimate goal but on the course of the journey make sure you enjoy all the things that make you feel good and make sure to spend your time to do things that gives you happiness.

It was so wonderful to know about the stories that my mother used to tell about her early life. There was a lot of bubbling happiness in all of those stories. If I look at that life to the present day where we are in, girls like you have come out of their nut shell to do great and extraordinary things in their lives. The life which my mother lived was completely different from what you experience today. But one thing is common in both – the happiness. Happiness is not from outside, it is from within you and it is from what you do. Take the pride in whatever things you do and be happy about yourself.

I wish you a wonderful, colorful, happy and prosperous life and my best wishes for you to reach the great heights and define new heights. Be inspired and keep inspiring!!!!!

I would like to dedicate this post to all my lovely sisters who have made me a responsible brother 🙂 🙂 Happy raksha bandhan sisters!!!!!

Please share your valuable comments on my writing to make me a better writer.


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