Time to slowdown and breathe!!!!

Weekdays are always very fast moving for everyone, be it office goers, or people going to colleges or schools. It is even more fast moving for women who have to make sure that their husband or children are ready and then move to their offices. And the pity state is none of us escape this reality. On one such morning, I was almost ready to move myself to the running state. But unfortunately the day started to dip towards a slower morning when I had to walk all the way to my office which is 3 km away. The first thought, at that instant, “would it get any worse for a morning”?

Just crossed my street and the school ground was all buzzing. I took a moment to check out the noise and it was a weekly March past may be. Children were lined up and the band was all ready to start their music. Should I wait and watch or keep moving? I decided to do the former. After a while, I realized it was such a wonderful decision. It has been close to 7 years since I passed out of school and never got any time to relive this moment. We all have this moment where we have so many memories of chit chat and conversations during a drill and the bright sun always had stories to tell us.

Moving little further, there were a bunch of small kids who were were waiting for their school bus. Full of laughter and fun surrounded them. Some of the kids were playing around and a gentle smile on looking at someone for the first time. This did settle the nerves and I greeted back with a smile and waved my hands.

If the kids calmed the mind, there was a sight to energize the mind. Everyday I get to meet a traffic policeman who does his role just unnoticed. On this day, a small pause was enough for me to realize his pride on the work he does. Smile on his face never went down on a busy morning Bangalore traffic. A true great inspiration for anyone. It certainly does not matter on what we do, it does only matter on how we go about to do the things.

Going around a lake is always a fresh feeling on a morning. I got to notice a couple of fishermen in the lake who were busy to begin their job. But the thing that was noticeable was that there were birds near the net to catch some fish. Nature always tries to get along with us. It is only us who are trying to get into a shell and move away from the warm hands of mother nature. Both the men and the birds have someone waiting for them, both of them are waiting for a living, but both of them were calm. Every morning, we just turn the house upside down when we get ready to our work. We shout, we get angry. But things happen faster when in calm.

In this fast paced world, all of us are trying to race against time to see if we could move ahead of others and what we do in turn? We tend to oversee a lot of small wonderful things that happen around us. There are a lot of small happiness that the world provides us and there are a lot of lessons that it gives us. We meet so many different people everyday. A gentle smile at them would make a lot of difference on how the day is going to span up.

Calmness, energy, motivation, pride, memories….Definitely the day gave a lesson nevertheless. The morning never was a worse one. It gave a better start for many more fast days to come. After a hot cup of tea and some wonderful thoughts for me to ponder about, I started my day trying to get back into the race to catch up with time. But definitely it won’t be the same race here on. In this race, winning is not about going first, but to collect as many memories as we can on the way. Indeed this is such a wonderful journey called Life.


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  1. so true Bhalaji!! its a strange/ sad thing that now ‘slowing down’ shall be attempted or planned by us. while in childhood it just happened. i think our career orientation and some amount of being surrounded by gadgets attributes to it. we tend to live in a virtual world and forget small joys of day to day life! well experiences, reflected and written piece!!

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