Is the real Mahishasura defeated?

Navaratri – one of the longest festivals celebrated in India which spans across ten days and nine nights during which Goddess Durga prepares herself to kill Mahishasura to save the world. It is the celebration of good over evil where the center stage is the fundamental energy for the entire humankind – the Sakthi.

We are part of a country where women are celebrated as a great driving force for humankind. Women form the backbone of many families and are very important in the growth of the society. We still come from the culture where we welcome the birth of a girl more than that of the boys. They are our mothers, they are our sisters, they are our friends, they are our loved ones, they are part of our every day life. It is simple as without Sakthi, the force, we wont be able to be as we are today.

Although we have so much respect toward the womanhood, we still don’t have that mindset where we would allow our daughters to define her future as much as we allow our sons to do. We are okay to cheer for some girl who is doing a great job but we are not okay for a girl from our family to try it. This is something that needs to change and it is a change that is happening. Today’s girls are not just tomorrow’s women, they are tomorrow’s society. It is important to take care of our future. Not allowing a girl to define her future might be as equal evil as any other thing might be. We hail our goddess as someone who knows everything. It is equally necessary for our daughters and sisters to know more things and shape the future of the humankind.

A lot of things that happen in the today show that the rise of Mahishasura is faster than the growth of Devi Durga. It is not just the physical asura, but the thoughts, the actions that goes against women. Girls are a target to a lot of ill actions. It could be a small thing as small as a comment but it is still considered an abuse. Although most of the times it would start as a fun, it would most of the times quickly move to the next stage and when it gets severe, the consequences are strong. Today the laws are very strict and with media, things get noticed much earlier than the past years, but still the number of crimes on eve teasing is still high. Worshiping womanhood only on Durga Pooja is just not the thing. Every girl demands their respect and it is everyone’s responsibility to check the actions they do or they encounter. It is necessary that we teach our sons the real meaning of why we have so many goddesses in our culture. Appreciating womanhood should be part of everyone’s learning.

It is equally important for the women to define their path and future. Women are the future. Women are the society. We are just getting them think to confine them to the houses. But it is not just that. Women today have crossed leaps and bounds into what they can achieve. But the percentage is a small one. Today women serves as an inspiration for not only girls but also for young boys. It is very important for a girl to come up with her future, dream her future and it is also important for her to fight for her future. Girls should realize that it is just not about dreams, it is about reality. Hurdles always come in the path, but it is the will to cross the hurdles and it is up to the runner to jump over the hurdles. As much as we talk about equality, it is also necessary for the women to showcase their skills that would bring about this equality automatically.

Navaratri is not just about the songs, dance, art, sweets and decorations. Navaratri is our own version of celebrating womanhood. It is our version of the woman’s day. It is the period of showing the greatness that each of the women play in everyone’s life. It is all about the force – the mild and proactive, the fierce and the destructive force – the female force. The destructive and the fierce force is not something that could be withstood if at all it is released. We just have an illusion that we are trying to tame the mild one. But it is far from the truth.

There are lots of Mahishasuras in our society, in our minds. It is high time that we invoke the Goddess in our minds and let her take over the Mahishasura. The light has not yet faded off completely and it is us who have to bring back the brightness and it is time that we take the fight to the asuras.

Happy Navaratri and Dussahera everyone!!!!! Let there be brightness everywhere 🙂


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  1. Wow… well said bro… I hope instead of setting up dolls for durga pooja… they could sit down and explain Indian culture and it’s importance to women and why there are so much goddess as u said there are lots of mahishasura’s in our country.. it’s just fake for now to say that he was defeated and to celebrate, as still lots of female gender are still struggling.

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