Tribute in memory; tribute in honour

When I started taking up blogging, one of the things I wanted to avoid was to get into political views. Being a person who would do small little things, those things that would be deemed as a responsibility for a citizen, getting into political discussions was never my cup of tea.

After all the big news about hospitalization and cardiac arrest of one great woman of my time, the entire state was almost a stand still. Going out at around 7 in the evening, there was so much silence in some of the places where there would be buzz even at 11 at night. The silence had so much chillness in it. People were fastening to their homes. People were not talking but were grieving for the news. So much security on the roads. For a common man, the situation was so different. Yes, it is the chief minister in a critical state, but still, how did the state go into such a depression?

For someone who was born in early 90’s this is one of the biggest political situations seen. We might not have seen the mourning news of Dr. M.G.R or that of other great people like Kamarajar or Anna. We have not seen the ruling of Indira Gandhi, but this is one reign that showed how great a person can rule a state. Putting all the political differences aside, she was one lion on her throne.

Starting from the days where she held the entire party up when the then leader Dr. M.G.R was hospitalized to winning two consecutive terms, she stood up strong each time when something was letting her down big time. Be it the time when she sad down at the dead bed of M.G.R to uniting the entire party four years later, she showed what a person could do to script one’s own path. For someone who was just rising in her own profession, to take up something entirely challenging and amidst a place where only men were ruling, it definitely took a lot of guts and courage.

Man, this woman had so much courage to show, so much confidence on herself. Although lot of times, some of her views was never matching, her confidence was so admiring. So many memes on how people behave when she is around, but definitely there was a serious strong hold she had on her people. It takes a lot of administrative thinking to put the things the way she had. And the loyalty that she had earned all these years. This success of her afterall demands huge respect. If somebody wants to take a management lesson, be it for self development or for running an office, her story has it all.

Although not a political blogger, this is a piece of salute to one great woman who has stood against all odds, against all those men, standing by her willpower alone. Ms. J. Jayalalitha would go into the annals of history not just as a chief minister of a state, not just as a leader of a political party but as a woman known for her strong will, as an embodiment of inspiration, as one of the greatest administrators, as a person who has fought her way to make her own reign. You just proved, being a woman is nothing less that what a man could do.

Most of the time, I start a blog thinking about the reception that I would get and about the likes and views, but this blog is a tribute to one great woman. May your soul rest in peace and let your story inspire lots of girls to show their real self.


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